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Monday, June 17, 2013

Nhau Tujhiya Preme - The Experience of Love

Since Nhau Tujhiya Preme was webcast live to us on the 26th of May, it has been received beautifully by Shraddhavans across Australia. Here are some of the reactions to the event from the Bapu Parivaar in Australia.

Naveensinh Nayak and Ranjanaveera Nayak from Melbourne, have this to say.

"Please note here below our feedback to the Nhahu Tuziya Preme event:

There really are times we are without words during or after a show because the event itself was so inspiring, perfect, real and amazing, and Nhahu Tuziya Preme was absolutely no exception by any count.  And, it is always challenging to try to put into words something that can only truly be experienced through heart.
Before we provide our humble feedback we would like to reiterate Poojiya Sameerdada’s words spoken when he made the announcement of this grand event, Nhahu Tuziya Preme. He said “Na Bhooto Na Bhavishiyati Asa Satsang Honar Ahe” and what a statement he made !!! Poojiya Sameerdada’s foresight on this event was exemplary. NTP was not only a musical extravaganza but a program to show our love towards our Sadguru PP Aniruddha  Bapu.
For those of us who can’t be there in person, we could have only hoped to live vicariously through the amazing images shared on Facebook and blogs. But this time there was something else in store.
No words could describe the joy that we went through when we came to know that the whole event would be made available to all overseas shraddhavaans via live webcast. One will call this luck but in simple words we say this is only because of the love of our Sadguru that he wanted every one of his Shraddhavaans to witness this festival of love.
To put the icing on the cake our joy knew no bounds when we heard that the webcast will begin with Rasayatra and Bhavayatra in addition to the Premayatra. Now that is because we had only heard about the Rasayatra and Bhavayatra from our family members and other Shraddhavaans and lo ! we get an opportunity to go back in time to experience those memorable events. Shreeram Bapu for making this happen.
The webcast started at 4.30 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and we felt like we were part of the crowd though we were watching live on the television at our home. We were mesmerised to see our Bapu, Aai and Dada live in front of us.…. nothing else matter for that moment of time. Their image on the TV really captured the essence of the night, we were transfixed, and sat for a while soaking it in. Their presence in the stadium itself immortalised the event.
We noticed that every little detail of the program was well planned, the compere, Gaurangsinh Wagle gave an awesome prologue to the abhangs that were sung by hand-picked veeras and sinhs. The superlative performances alike by singers, musicians, technicians and support staff was commendable in its own level. This is a very good example of team work and as Bapu says ‘You and I firm together nothing can stand in the way every’. We were fully immersed in His love and fed our soul with banquet of His love and believe everyone watching live or in stadium would have as well. On that day nobody went home hungry of love.
With a head full of memories we acknowledge that this was once in a life time experience..the Nhau Tuziya Preme event will always remain in our hearts forever.
The bar is now higher for the next sequel of NTP…
Lastly, we would like to appreciate the efforts of one and every member in the IT group who under guidance of Poojiya Sameerdada worked hard to make it possible for hundreds of Shraddhavaans outside and inside India to watch the program live from home. Aptrateem !!!

We are Ambadnya Bapu…
Naveensinh and Ranjanaveera Nayak

Vinayaveera from Sydney says
"खूप दिवसापासून लिहायचे होते,
"न्हाऊ तुझिया प्रेमे अनिरुद्ध प्रेमसागरा" या प्रेम यात्रेबद्दल !!!
 माझ्या भावना व्यक्त करायच्या आहेत. 

आठवतो मला तो दिवस ज्या दिवशी तुम्ही सर्वाना  सांगितले या कार्यक्रमाबद्दल!!!!!

मन काहुरले कारण आम्ही तो प्रोग्राम मिस करणार होतो. मनाला दिलासा दिला की ठीक आहे नंतर सी डी पाहूया , भारतातील सगळी तयारी whatsapp ,facebook  मुले कळत होती; वाटत होते किती सेवा करतात हे भक्त!!! आपण इथे बसून फक्त बघआयचे ?
" बापूला माझ्या प्रेमाची तहान ,बापूला माझ्या भक्तीचीच भूक आहे" 
याचा प्रत्यय आला जेव्हा वैभव सिहानी स्वतः फोन वर सांगितेल की ओवरसीस केंद्रांना सुद्धा हा प्रोग्राम पाहायला,अनुभवायला,मिळणार आहे . आनंदाला  पारावर उरला नाही कारण हे म्हणजे तुमच्या योगे आम्हाला अनुभावाय्ले मिळाले या सद्-गुरु तत्वाचे अकारण कारुण्य !!! 
माझया बापूला कोणत्याही गोष्टीपासून आम्हाला बाजूला ठेवायचे न्हवते. बापुना आपल्या प्रत्येक लेकराला देवाच्या प्रेमात चिंब ऒले  करायचे होते 
प्रेम काय असत ते कळत जेव्हा आपल्या आईकडून .त्यानंतर जीवनात अनेक नाती आपल्याला शिकवत प्रेम काय असत .
पण खर प्रेम कळल जेव्हा बापू माझ्या आयुष्यात आले तेव्हाच. त्याचा प्रत्यय प्रत्येक दिवसागणिक येतो आहे.
२६ /०५ /२०१३ रविवारी संध्याकाळी ४ वाजल्यापासून देवाच्या प्रेमात त्यानेच आम्हाला नाहायला घातले. लहान बाळाला जसे न्हावू माखू घालून त्याची आई स्वच्छ सुंदर बनवते त्याहीपेक्षा या माझ्या सद्गुरूने मला आतून प्रेमरसात हळू हळू पूर्ण चिंब भिजवले कारण पुज्य मीना वैनी , आद्य पिपा ,साधना ताई ,चौबळ आजोबा यांना माझा बापू कसा दिसला आणी त्यानी माझ्या सद्गुरूला कसे आळवले तो भाव त्या गायकांच्या भावपूर्ण गायनातून, आय टी टीम च्या अतुलनीय मदतीतून, वादकांच्या सुमधुर वादनातून ,आणी सर्वात उच्चांक म्हणजे
सामोरी बसलेल्या आपल्या आई,बापू,आणी दादांच्या नजरेतून,हालचालीतून,चेहर्यातूनओत प्रोत वाहत असलेल्या आठवणीतल्या भावामधून .
राम रक्षेच्या एका प्रवचनात बापूनी सांगितले आहे कि सद्गुरु तत्वाची सर्व केंद्रे सदैव १०८ % कार्यरत  असतात . पूर्ण खात्री होती की बापू आपल्यासाठीच आहेत. कारण प्रत्येक अभंगामधून वाटत होते की जणू हा माझ्याशीच रिलेटेड आहे आणी त्यातून तो मला खूप काही शिकवून गेला. संपूर्ण अंगावर रोमांच येत होते. पण मनाला खूप मोठा आधार सापडला होता जो खरा होता आणी कधीही दगा देणारा नाही याची त्याने स्वतःच खात्री दिली होति.मनातल्या बापूंबद्दल असणार्या भक्तीला आता आर्त प्रेम कसे असते ते खऱ्या अर्थाने कलले.
सद्गुरू दारीचा आहे मी हो श्वान अनुभवताना आईच्या डोळ्यात गुड्डू बद्दल चे उत्कट प्रेम दिसत होते आणी त्याच बरोबर बापूंचा शाश्वत दिलासा सुधा दिसत होता. श्री राम.
शेवटचा अभंग तर सगळ्या बापू भक्तांनी या देवाकडे केलेली प्रार्थनाच होती आणी त्यातच आम्हाला भरभरून मिळाले बापूंचे प्रेमही अगदी स्पष्ट दिसत होते.
हे बापुराया , आम्हाला सदैव तुझ्याच ऋणात ठेव.
मी अम्बज्ञ आहे.

And Ameysinh Panjape from Sydney, has this to say.

"This event is a great example of team work and a very well execution by P.P. Samir dada, singers, musicians, shradhvans and our IT team. Being in Sydney we were thinking we will miss this opportunity to watch the event but Bapu karito apuli Seva, he made arrangements to watch the event remotely. Ambadnya.

 The name of the event itself narrates everything. The best thing I feel of this event is as follows.

Singers and musicians were amazing, their efforts were really whole hearted. The way they executed their efforts on that day was amazing. To me the effort IT team took in order to put those pictures on the big screen was amazing. Because of these photographs I understood each and every abhang with same efficiency as it was sung and written. Before that day I was knowing abhang but the real meaning was clear on that day.
Bapu was there and the way he was appreciating efforts of every singer was amazing, what else we needed. We got prem and origin of prem ( Abhangas) with actual meaning.
So this is the event which will never happen again (NA BHUTO NA BHAVISHYATI). I really pray to bapu that I don't forget single moment of this event. Eagerly waiting for DVD now :)......
Mee Ambadnya ahe......

Ameysinh Paranjape"

The Bhaktas from Perth, namely Kavitaveera and Shashisinh Chakor, Abhaysinh and Leenaveera Kanade, Sureshsinh and Jyotiveera Aitwade, Vijaysinh and Anupamaveera Joshi
"We had a fantastic time watching the event of 'Nhau Tujhiya Preme '. In fact we have no words to express. The after effect of this event was indeed very blissful and mesmerizing and we couldn't get our minds away from the event until the morning. All the viewers watching from Perth (WA) had a same kind of feeling. Those who were watching it for the first time found it very hard to believe the way it was organized. The most amazing aspect was the strength of the most extravagant and spectacular audience. Indeed everyone was getting wet in the blissful shower of love that our dear Bapu, Nandai, Suchit Dada and Sameer Dada were pouring on top of each and every shraddhavan!!!!! We could not wait for another similar kind of event in future. We really appreciate from the bottom of our hearts all the efforts taken for making this event successful. This includes all those talented and amazing singers, a band of all the great musicians, the IT team whose worked continually to make it possible for everyone across 37 countries to view this event live (hats off to Prasadsinh and his team) and of course the many other people/coordinators including you (well done Vaibhavsinh and Leeladharsinh!!) and the audience and last but not the least our dear/loving/praiseworthy P.P. Bapu, Nandai, Poojya Suchit Dada and Sameer Dada.

We have received excellent feedback from all the viewers/sharaddhavans watching from Perth. They all enjoyed watching this event live and the new viewers (those who saw Bapu for the first time) were amazed to see the strength and devotion of people towards Bapu. I am just including some of the pictures for you."

Srijaneeveera and Alvinsinh Dmello of Brisbane said this.
"Rains, they say is a great equaliser. It drenches everyone equally, whether rich or poor, old or young, everyone is drenched, when they are out in the rains. There are those who venture out to enjoy the rains, and then there are those who get caught in it unaware. This varsha of our beloved Bapu's love, was just the same, a rain which drenched the hearts and souls of all alike. Whether, we experienced the event in person at the DY Patil stadium, or watched the live webcast in some other end of the world, we were all drenched alike. 

When the news of a mega satsang being organised, was first announced, I was happy, but not too excited, because I knew, I would not be able to attend. And as the momentum for the event began to build, I felt sad, about missing out on it. But our Bapu knows what lies in the heart of each one. He heard the wishes of all his out of station bhaktas, and organised a live webcast for us... The experience was amazing and mesmerising. 

While I sat at home on Sunday evening, gearing up for the event to begin, I wondered, if Bapu would be shown, or would it be only the singers and orchestra. Would we see Bapu's entrance and exit, I wondered.... and lo behold, we saw it all. Saw each and every expression of Bapu during the event, witnessed the tears flowing from Aai's eyes, saw Dada with his calm smile... Bapu blowing kisses to the singers, the singers who sang with amazing bhaav and dedication. The entire experience was magical. I felt fortunate to be able to witness Bapu live, and only because He organised for me to have that golden opportunity. A Satsang that vibrated around the globe, creating huge vibes of Bappa's protective love and care for all His children, whether far or near. When it rains, everyone is drenched, the rain does not discriminate, nor does our Bapu's premvarshaav.
Mi Ambadnya Aahe!"

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