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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hanuman Pournima/ Chaitra Pournima


Shubhankara Navratri ends on this day.This day is filled with positivity and auspiciousness. 
  • On this day Shree Hanuman got his first darshan of Janaki Mata. 
  •  It was on this day Janaki Mata accepted him as his son and taath 
  • On this day Hanuman met Ravana and destroyed Lanka and the destruction of evil started.
  •  It was on this day Hanuman paid his obeisances and pranams to Sita Maiya and revealed his Bhavyaswaroop (colossal and enornous image standing in his full form).

On this day before confronting Ravan, Janaki Mata blessed Hanumanth with these blessings
Asht Siddhi Nav Niddhi Ke Datta As Var Deen Janaki Maata which means Hanumanji has been blessed with mother Janki to grant to any one any YOGIC power of eight Sidhis and Nava Nidhis as per choice. Ajar Amar Shudh Niddhi Suth Ho Hu. 

What more one can say about the Mahima (importance and Greatness ) of our great Hanumanth? Hanumanji is a dearly loved, adored and favorite God.

As soon as he was born he took a leap in the sky to swallow the sun (for protection) . The journey from Rameshwaram to Lanka was taken by Hanumanji in a single leap. He carried the whole Dronagiri mountain. He solely destroyed and burnt the entire Lanka.

The beauty of Ramayan is Hanuman, so the part of Ramayan which glorifies, venerates and praises Hanuman is called Sunderkand. Hanuman does the duty and task of connecting, and linking bhaktas to God. He was the one who gave guru updesh (discourse) to Vibhishan. With the darshan of Shri Ram, Hanumanji gets uddhar (reformation).To balance the effects of Sade Saathi the only way out is bhakti (pure devotion) of Shree Hanuman. 

Whoever does the following Upasana on Chaitra Poornima i.e.  Hanuman Poornima, the fears, worries and troubles of those devoottees will be wiped out and annihilated by Janaki Mata. This is the promise that was given by Janaki Mata.
The Upasana is as follows 
  • Hanuman Chalisa
  •  Bhim Roopi Maha Rudra(Maruti Stotra)
  •  Panchmukh Hanumanth Kavach
  •  Jap of Shri Ram Dutaya HanumantayMahapranaya Mahabalaya Namoh Namah
  •  Sunderkand Pattan
  •  Hanumanji’s bhajan or Hanumanji's Gun sankirtan 
Jai Shree Ram !

This day though often mistakenly referred to as Hanuman Jayanti, should be called Hanuman Pournima always, as advised by our beloved Nandaai.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vaishakh Pournima - English

Hanumanji is the bravest of the brave and the strongest of all. He protects us from all that is ill, spiritual, physical and material. He is the Rakshak Guru of our Bapu Himself. We seek Hanumant's protective kavach for our safety and security at all times.

Hanumanji, is the embodiment of the perfect devotee, the one whose devotion to His beloved Ram today defines the word devotion itself. Hanumanji is the greatest devotee of all times, and also the one, whose smaran and chintan (remembrance and contemplation) enhances our own devotion, takes us closer to our own Sadguru. The devotion of Hanumant is thus an offering to devotion itself.

It has also been said, that on this day, the various Sadgurus meet in Bharglok(heaven) and discuss about their devotees, their devotional activities over the past year and plan for their future. This day is thus important for each and every shraddhavan.

Vaishakh Poornima Upasana
1) First on a Chaurang or paat place a clean cloth/shawl. After that place our Sadguru's and Hanumanta's Photo on it.

2) To Sadguru's photo offer a garland of flowers and to Hanumanta's photo offer a garland of Rui leaves. 

3) Light Diya and Agarbathi and while doing dhyan of Sadguru and Hanumant join your hands in prayer.

4) After that chant 

11 times Shri Aniruddha Kavach
 or 11times Shri Hanuman Chalisa 
or 11 times Hanuman Strotra 
or 11 times Shri Saibaba's 11 Vachna 
or 11 times Shri Aniruddhachi 9 Vachna 
or 11 times Shubhankara Stavnam 
or 11 times Ashubhnashini Stavnam.

5) After that 1) Ambyacha Pana 2) Kachcha Amba and Soaked Chana Dal ground together.Offer this as prasad followed by Lotangan.

[If one is unable to perform this upasana on brahma Mhurta, then they can perform it at any time of the day.]

Whoever performs this upasana with utmost love and devotion on the day of Vaishak Poornima to her/his araadhya devtaa (chosen deity),Sadguru alongwith Hanumant definitely visits them on this day. This is a promise given by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vaishakh Pournima Upasana - Marathi

वैशाख पौर्णिमा उपासना

१.प्रथम एक चौरंग किंवा पाट घेवून त्यावर शाल घालावी नंतर त्यावर आपल्या सद्गुरूंचा व हनुमंताचा फोटो ठेवावा.
२.श्री सदगुरुंच्या प्रतिमेस सुगंधित किंवा प्राप्त फुलांचा हार घालावा व श्री हनुमंताच्या प्रतिमेस रुईच्या पानांचा हार घालावा.
३.दीप व अगरबत्ती लावून हाथ जोडावे व श्री सदगुरूंचे तसेच श्री हनुमंताचे ध्यान करावे.
४.त्यानंतर ११ वेळा श्री अनिरुद्ध कवच किंवा
... ११ वेळा श्री हनुमान चालीसा
११ वेळा हनुमान स्तोत्र किंवा
११ वेळा श्री साईबाबांची ११ वचने
११ वेळा श्री अनिरुद्धांची ९ वचने
११ वेळा आदिमाता शुभनकरा स्तवन व ११ वेळा अशुभनाशिनी स्तोत्र म्हणावे.
१) आंब्याच पन्ह
२) कच्च्या आंबा व भिजलेली चण्याची डाळ वाटून त्याचा प्रसाद अर्पण करावा व त्यानंतर लोटांगण घालावे.

ब्रम्हमुहूर्तावर उपासना करणे शक्य न झाल्यास दिवसभरात कधीही करणे.
जो कोणी प्रेमाने वैशाख पौर्णिमेला हि उपासना करेल त्याच्या घरी ह्या दिवशी सद्गुरू हनुमंताबरोबर येवून जातोच. अशी ग्वाही सदगुरू श्री आनिरुद्धानी दिली आहे.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

MI TULA KADHICH TAAKNAAR NAHI!!! Anubhav By Dr. Atulsinh Prabhu


It was not even a month that I had moved to
 Bangalore to work at a reputed cardiac hospital and I was feeling homesick. My parents had advised me to perform “Ahnik” daily and I was pretty regular at it despite weird duty hours. 29th July 2007, It was a sunny weekend with no trace of any rain. I had planned to catch up with an old school friend who like me had moved temporarily from Mumbai to Bangalore for work. It was after 12 years that I was meeting him and we decided to have lunch together. We met around noon, caught up with lots of things, revived old memories and had a nice time together. As we left for our respective homes, I was held back by a drizzle for which I took refuge near a shop. As I was waiting for the shower to pass, I happened to notice a row of roadside second hand book stalls like the ones we see at Flora fountain area in Mumbai. Inquisitively, I started browsing through the available books with a hope of procuring a good deal especially with a renowned and useful medical textbook which usually are very expensive first hand.
My eyes fell up on a copy of “BIBLE- The New Testament” and a thought crossed my mind that who would think of disposing such a revered book, however the book was dirty and not in a visually attractive condition. With this though in mind I looked on and the next thing I saw was a English version of “SRI SAISATCHARITRA” !!!. My mind just could not accept the book to lie there and I picked it up to see the book. It was in crisp condition and seemed as if the person who bought it had never read it before disposing it off. Though I had a similar book at my house, I simply could not digest the fact that this sacred Granth (although in English edition) was lying in dust at the roadside. I asked the vendor its price . “Twenty rupees” , he said “ but I can give it to you for fifteen”
I did not haggle around with him further and bought it instantly, cleaned it gently and placed it in my bag. Then, I called up my father in Mumbai to tell him about this uncommon experience and could hear a constant jap in the background. I asked him about the jap and he replied that he was in a seva for Gurupournima utsav and I was taken aback. Guru Pournima !!! How is it that I was unaware? I cursed myself apologised to Sai. However,I was happy that He made me aware of this by His Grace and in His way. I happily took the book home, offered flowers and prasad, meditated on Sai, Bapu and considered it as His form always.
Later, I moved to Chennai for 2 years and took the book with me, read it with devotion till one day I gave it to my father for Bapu’s ‘hastasparsha’ and forgot everything about it. After my return to Mumbai, I took Marathi version of Shri Sai satcharitra to read completely forgetting about the English version. 
It was Ramnavami day 01 April 2012 when my wife Shruti and sister Greeshma attended the Utsav at Shri Harigurugram. As they went for Sai satcharitra pathan, my sister opted to take an English version for the pathan and when she took the first book of the lot in her hands, she was surprised to see a label bearing my name “Dr Atul Prabhu”. Being confused, she couldn’t quite understand why a book with my name was lying there. After speaking to my father, they understood the matter and brought the book home after taking permission from the shraddhavan volunteer. 
As I was in Sydney, I came to know this when I called them at night to enquire how the utsav was celebrated in Mumbai. I could not believe what had happened. The Sacred granth amidst a pile falling in only my sister's hands is definitely more than a mere coincidence and is nothing else than a glimpse of His unconditional love. 
This is a perfect example of the magnitude of truth in Bapus gvahi “ I shall never forsake you”. It is not a mere statement but a representation of Bapu/Sai/Parmatma’s love and grace. He will never leave us alone ever even if we leave Him. 
This reminds me of Dr Yogindrasinh’s magical words…………. 
Guruchi kripa Hich Gurupournima ho.
Pratikshani amha anubhav laho. 
Guruchya runanche akhand smaran raho. 
Gurumaulichya runi mi budalo . Aniruddha tujha mi kiti runi jhalo. 

Hence I decided to share this experience with you all on occasion of Gurupournima 2012 since it has been 5 years since the day the Granth came to me. It relieved me of my loneliness, provided me sahvaas, took care of me when I was away from my family and brought me back safely. If it were not for Bapu's teaching, we would not have gauged the importance of Saisatcharitra in our life. Truly, I am indebted to you Bapu for thy grace in the way the granth came to me unexpectedly not once but twice and on both occasions during a major utsav was being celebrated Gurupournima and Ramnavami even when I had forgotten about it. Lots of Shreeram Bapu for your eternal grace.

Ramnavmi Utsav, Sydney Upasana Center

Ramorajmani Sadaa Vijayate
P.P Aniruddha Bapu in his discourses has always stressed the importance of Ram naam in our lives emphatically stating that every new beginning or accomplishment be accompanied with “Ram naam” on our lips.

We celebrate Ram Navami as the birthday of the Shree Ram on the ninth day of  first month of the Hindu calendar - Chaitra  and the preceding nine days as the Shubhankara Navratra. Celebrations are held at Shri Hari Guru Gram with much enthusiasm and devotion. Hence all Shraddhavans of Sydney Upasana Kendra collectively celebrated Ram Navami Utsav on 20th April 2013.
The venue for the event was the sparkling new residence of Mrs  Veenaveera  and Mr Nishikantsinh Bhalerao  and everyone was eagerly looking forward to the event.

The schedule for the day was as below:

·       Paduka Poojan

·       Ram janma and recitation of “PALANA”

·        Chanting of  Ramaya Ramabhadraaya Ramchandraaya Namaha (108 times)

·       Recitation of Ram Raksha ( 3 times)

·        Chanting of the Ghorakashth-oddharan Stotra (9 times)

·       Chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa (1 time)

·        Chanting of the Gurukshetram Mantra (5 times)
·       P.P Bapus Discourse on Ram Raksha
·        Parayan of the 11th Chapter from Shri Sai Satcharitra.(1 time)
·        MahaAarti
·        Satsang

 We commenced the proceedings with Bapu’s arrival in the form of His Chinmay Paaduka, welcoming him to the decorated Bhalerao dwelling

followed by Paaduka poojan as we can see here with great devotion and affection. 

 The poojan vidhi (ritual) also comprised recitation of Aniruddha Chalisa and Aarti.

This was followed by the much awaited event - the birth of Lord Ram- Ram Janma. It was definitely something which everyone was looking forward to especially the kids- little Vaanarsena.
It was an exciting occasion for them. One could see their curiosity and their innocent queries brought smiles to everyone.

There was a small cradle (Palana) literally handmade from items of household use which was the brainchild of Mrs Nilambariveera and Mr Dineshsinh Nagwekar and it was indeed quite innovative. Other Shradhhavaans contributed in decorating and providing finishing touches to the Grand Palana as is seen here

A small idol of Bal Krishna and a childhood photo of P.P Bapu ( our Aniruddha Ram ) was placed inside the cradle affectionately and the stage was set.
The Ram Janma was celebrated with enthusiasm and affection with all the ladies rocking it gently in the background of the melodious recitation of the hymn “Palana”. 

There was a joyous atmosphere in the house and one can only imagine how ecstatic people would have been in the actual era when Shree Ram was born.
This was followed by the continuous chanting of Om Shree Ramaaya Ramabhadraaya Ramchandraaya Namaha, Ram Raksha and  the Ghorakashth-oddharan Stotra followed by ‘Naivedya arpan’.  

 Shraddhavans continued with recital of Hanuman Chalisa and chanting of Shri Gurukshetra Mantra then had a short break for lunch.

The afternoon session began with the pathan of eleventh chapter of Sai Sat Charitra with voice of Param Poojya Suchitdada being played in the background. His deep baritone filled up the entire house with vigor and one could sense the immense vibrations in the power of the recitation of the chapter and importance of regular recitation.

We also listened to the one of the first discourses by P.P Bapu on Ram Raksha Stotra.

This was followed by Mahaarti during which continuous Aartis of Sadguru Bapu, Nandaaai, Suchit Dada were performed. After another short break for tea and snacks, Satsang commenced.
It was a fantastic session with Dineshsinh Nagwekar and Rajeshsinh Chavan rendered a medley of all choicest gazars of Shree Ram and P.P Bapu amidst a fervent chorus. 

Though after a long session, not even a single person was not even slightly tired as one would expect. Infact all looked invigorated with smiles and laughter all around making  it a memorable occasion.  All Sydney Shraddhavaan celebrated the birth of our dearest Lord Ram under the guidance and blessings of our beloved Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu with great devotion and fervor. The immense all pervasive grace of Chandikakul made the whole occasion memorable oozing tons of positive vibrations and all this was evident by the camaraderie amongst us. We all pray to Lord Ram to help us decimate the Raavan in our minds and life and certainly it is not possible without the Grace of Shree Raamvardaayini  Aadimata and we all are Ambadnya to her. Also, infinite Shree ram to everyone for the venue, decoration, naivedya, lunch and snacks arrangement and overall enthusiastic participation and may Lord Ram keep us bonded together.

 Sahastra naamtat tulyam RAAM NAAMvaraanane . 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ram Navami Celebration in Perth

Ram Navami is an auspicious occasion and this day is celebrated as a birthday of the Shree RamChandra who was born on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra to King Dashratha and mother Kaushalya. It's specially regarded as 'Ram Navami' because it's the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Chaitra, as per the Hindu calendar and also close to the beginning of New Year. This day is celebrated in Shri Hari Guru Gram with such an ardent fervor by all the shraddhavans/devotees of the entire Bapu Parivar and we celebrated it with the same energy and enthusiasm in Perth. We started this day by gathering together at the centre (around 11:00 am) with light refreshments accompanied by listening to the gajar CD. The Ram Janama was done by singing the 'Palana' song and moving the cradle at 12:00pm and everyone indeed experiencing immense joy and happiness. We then followed the same sequence as per the blog until evening. The following people participated in this event including both of us.
(Jigalveera, Vipulsinh) (Jyotiveera , Sureshsinh) (Sachinsinh, Belaveera) (Abhaysinh, Leenaveera)
The junior group included following people
(Riya, Sara, Tirtha, Aum, Charvi and Parth)
"Ramo Rajmani Sada Vijayte"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Life Saviour and a Companion Bapu

‘Gurur Bramha Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah Gurur Sakshat Parabrahma Tasmaye Shree Guruve Namah’
Most of the shraddhavans may have heard about this magical mantra. This mantra tells us about the importance of Guru in our lives. I have always been influenced in my life with the ‘Guru-shishya’ relationship. ‘Guru’ is more of a generic term used for any kind of teacher who can impart the knowledge of something he/she has mastered.
Likewise 'Sadguru' is a term used more broadly to classify this kind of relationship. It can only be used for the one and only enlightened being whose purpose in life is to guide others in their spiritual journey who's none other than our Nitya Anadi 'Bapu'. I grew up hearing a lot of stories about saints and how their like was influenced by their Gurus. I was convinced that one day I'll definitely find my own Sadguru who will guide me in my spiritual journey. I was doing my final year of Engineering when I heard about one such Sadguru who had just started influencing many people and he was none other than our Sadguru Shree Shirdi SaiBaba and Swami Samartha Maharaj from my uncle. He showed me the photo of this great divine person and to my amazement and surprise his first vision itself was beyond my imagination. He took us to Shri Sai Niwas and to the temple at Juinanagar. We were very fortunate to receive the (Rui Bhasma) which was given to all the shraddhavans at that time.
    I'd just like to share my first experience that I had about Bapu. I was sitting on the couch with my mom and masi and there was a telephone call for my masi at home. My masi was talking with someone on the phone and when she finished talking she came and sat with us. When she was sitting on the couch she started fainting and we could clearly see that she was getting a paralytic attack. My mom was shocked to see her in this condition and I was frightened, but then I remembered about my uncle telling me about our Sadguru (Bapu) and I could only remember about the 'Rui Bhasma' that we got from the temple at Juinagar. I immediately went to get it and applied some on the forehead of my masi and put some into her mouth. She fell unconscious after that and my father went to call the doctor. The doctor had arrived immediately within a while and even my masi  slowly started regaining her consciousness and she was perfectly fine by the time doctor started examining her. The doctor confirmed that she had this only out of stress but we all could actually see what she had gone through. And thankfully by Bapu's grace she hasn't had any health problems since then. Bapu had given us a clear proof of his grace even when we had not even started knowing very well. We should all be Ambadnya in true sense after having experienced this kind of a grace.
    The second instance that I could recall was when I was studying and doing my final year of Engineering. Now everyone can understand that the college days are memorable and full of struggle at the same time. I never failed in any of the subjects while I was completing my studies but when I had attempted 7th Semester which was during the last year of my studies I wasn't able to pass in one of the subjects. That was in the year December 1999 and that was the beginning of the time since we had started experiencing P.P. Bapu's grace. Only because of my Bapu's grace I was able to pass in that subject as I had applied for the re-evaluation again for that subject and then I was passed without having to attempt it again.
    The third instance I can never forget in my life as it's extremely threatening even when I still recall it today. This was somewhere in April 2007. That was Saturday morning between 11:00am to 12:00pm. I was driving down the road and was on my way to shopping Centre and also had my mom and daughter accompanying me and they were seated at the back of my car. I was about to turn right from the signal when my car collided with another car. For a moment I didn't understand anything at all as to what was happening. Then I realized that my car had completely crashed out and damaged from the front when it collided with another car. But we were alive and safe and my daughter and mom were still seated behind. And even the people seated inside the second car were alive and safe. Then few people gathered and someone told to park the car on the sideways of the road to prevent the traffic. The police arrived immediately for the interrogation and even my husband was there within half an hour. But because there were no injuries the police were able to complete their job quickly. Then I realized what a horrifying experience we had. The most invaluable thing we had inside the car was the photo of our Sadguru, Aai and Suchit Dada. When we came back home, my mom said that this could have so much worse than we could ever imagine. But to my surprise my Sadguru had proven it wrong again and showered his same grace on me and my beloved ones the third time. We all felt so much protective by his grace after having gone through this nightmare. All I can say is it's very hard to understand God but our Sadguru is trying to make it so simple for us by showing his presence and indicating that he's always with us and nothing can go bad at any time. We are truly Ambadnya and shall always be at your feet!!!!

Om ManaSamrthyadata Shree Aniruddhaya Namah!
Om Shree Alhadinyayi Sandhinanyayi Nandayayi Namo Namah!
Om Shree Suchit Dadaya Namo Namah!

Kavita Chakor (Perth)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Experience in Australia

During these last 11 years we have experienced numerous miracles of our Bapu. These incidences have only reaffirmed our faith in Him. We feel delighted to share couple of recent major experiences which we came across in Australia.

On 1 Nov 2006 we arrived at Melbourne from Singapore. As per the Contract my company provided me with a two week's leave and a temporary accommodation so that in those two weeks I could find a permanent rental place to stay. I was stressed and did not know what, where and how to find accommodation in this new place. Being in a new country it is not an easy job to find rental houses without any help. Nevertheless, I selected an area where I found many people from our subcontinent stay and started early in the morning to search for a rental house. I had my Bapu constantly in my mind as I was looking at different houses. In Melbourne there are many formalities that need to be satisfied with the real estate agents to inspect and shortlist the rental places. A week passed by and I had not a single home in my shortlist. The remaining five days were more crucial for me and my wife, Ranjanaveera. Then the next two days also went by without much luck. After reaching home and feeling hapless my wife and myself kept praying Bapu to help us out in this foreign land where we knew nobody. After the evening upasana of our Param Pujya Bapu my wife told me to pray and apply Udi to forehead without fail before leaving the house in the morning. Duh! I said to myself, how did I forget applying Udi so many days before leaving the house?

As told, the next morning I prayed 'Bapuraya now only you can get us a rental home' and applied Udi. I was looking for a two bedroom house and I told Bapu that I will devote one room specially for You as Your Upasana Centre in Melbourne. Like previous days I left and went to meet the real estate agent. He gave me a list of accommodation to look for. The first house that I came across that day had everything that we had in our mind and as a bonus was close to all the amenities one could ever think off. Moreover it had three bedrooms which I wasn't really looking for. When I enquired with the agent about the monthly rent I was shocked to hear that the rent of this house was less than that of a normal two bedroom house. I just shut my eyes and kept saying in my mind ' BAPU I CANT BELEIVE THIS BUT THANK YOU '.

In Melbourne, if you are super lucky then the minimum duration to be selected as a tenant by the agent and owner is three days. Now these three days are - a day for the agent to contact the owner and provide him with list of interested tenants, then a day for the owner to ring the references to know interested tenant's background / salary status and finally a day for owner to make his mind and advise the agent. After the inspection the agent told me to wait for half an hour so that he could speak to the owner. After half an hour I called the agent to know the status of my application and I could not believe my ears when the agent said the owner wants to give me the house on rent whilst there are people still inspecting the house and showing their interest at the same property. Being a new person in the town I neither had any reference nor past bank history but more importantly did I have my mauli Bapu's Udi with me on that day. I was spellbound by my Param Pujya Sadguru's boundless compassion. I can never forget this moment. Immediately thereafter signing the rental contract when I came out those interested tenants waiting outside asked me how did I get the house and I confidently showed my Bapu's photo on my Trivikram locket.

We had now one room specially referred to as Bapu's room wherein we did our weekly Upasanas and daily prayers. I also understood that Bapu had showered his grace upon me. I realized that if you make a sincere request to Bapu and if request is reasonable then Bapu will definitely answer to your request. The fact was just proved. So if you have faith in Bapu, in daily life, whenever you have day to day difficulties, he will definitely come to your rescue.


After two years of renting in that same house we were informed by our owner that he wanted to sell the house (he feared he would not get a better price in coming five years due to 2008 Global Financial Crisis) and so we were forced to moved out. We had two choices either to move into another rental house or to buy our own house. We thought buying was a better choice but again we found ourselves racing against time. As our daughter was growing up we were looking for a house which would be near to her school. Now that when we decided to buy, we had the same intentions of buying a three bedroom house, being one room specially for our Sadguru Bapu. Again we went through the roller coaster ride as we were in the period of getting our Permanent Residency and also buying a house. Those were really stressful days of our life. Our Permanent Residency was getting delayed due to some or the other reasons. And as per our initial plans we had planned to wait to get our Permanent Residency prior to buying a house but our Bapu had something else in store for us.

Since we had to act quickly we decided on one of the property which was near to school and the railway station as well. We signed the papers and got the keys. After signing the contract we had two months to move into our new house. We were not happy thinking that although we purchased a house in Australia we won't be having our parents or our close relatives for the house warming ceremony. It was again through Param Pujya Bapu and Param Pujya Suchitdada that we got an auspicious date to move into the new house. But persistent delay in getting Permanent Residency was also adding to grief. A month passed by and suddenly one day I got a call in my office that we have got the Permanent Residency. The situation had changed completely and I was shocked to believe my ears. On hearing this I became very happy and felt pleasantly relieved. OUR HEART WAS FULL OF GRATITUDE AND LOVE FOR BAPU. WE REALISED HOW BAPURAYA STANDS BEHIND HIS DEVOTEES AND ALWAYS WANTS THEM TO BE CHEERFUL AND HAPPY.
Later, when there were only two days to move into the new house, we were MORE SURPRISED WHEN WE OPENED A COURIER sent from Sydney by a Bapu bhakta, Ashishsinh Rane. Being Satchidanand Utsav in December we had received our Param Pujya Bapu's Padukas. WE WERE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO OUR BAPU AND THANKED HIM SINCERELY FROM THE DEPTHS OF OUR HEARTS. As advised by HIM, on 5 December 2008 we moved into our new home with all smiles and happiness along with our Bapu's Padukas. Before unpacking our things in the house, we had Paduka poojan done in our new house. What more could we wish for when Bapu himself came past seven seas to bless us and our new home and we walked into our new home along with our Sadguru Bapuraya. Now to just make a point here, all of above events cannot be just series of coincidences waiting to happen. I can confidently say that it was my Bapu who took care of all of above events to my advantage.



I would like to conclude saying


We are eternally indebted to Bapu, Nandaai and Suchitdada for protecting our family and for always being there for us even though we stay so far from India. DEAR BAPU, WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH US EVERYWHERE. WE FEEL SO BLESSED. PARAM POOJIYA BAPU, NANDAAI AND SUCHITDADA WE KNEEL BEFORE YOUR LOTUS FEET AND PROSTRATE HUMBLY WITH LOVE AND DEVOTION.