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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Life Saviour and a Companion Bapu

‘Gurur Bramha Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah Gurur Sakshat Parabrahma Tasmaye Shree Guruve Namah’
Most of the shraddhavans may have heard about this magical mantra. This mantra tells us about the importance of Guru in our lives. I have always been influenced in my life with the ‘Guru-shishya’ relationship. ‘Guru’ is more of a generic term used for any kind of teacher who can impart the knowledge of something he/she has mastered.
Likewise 'Sadguru' is a term used more broadly to classify this kind of relationship. It can only be used for the one and only enlightened being whose purpose in life is to guide others in their spiritual journey who's none other than our Nitya Anadi 'Bapu'. I grew up hearing a lot of stories about saints and how their like was influenced by their Gurus. I was convinced that one day I'll definitely find my own Sadguru who will guide me in my spiritual journey. I was doing my final year of Engineering when I heard about one such Sadguru who had just started influencing many people and he was none other than our Sadguru Shree Shirdi SaiBaba and Swami Samartha Maharaj from my uncle. He showed me the photo of this great divine person and to my amazement and surprise his first vision itself was beyond my imagination. He took us to Shri Sai Niwas and to the temple at Juinanagar. We were very fortunate to receive the (Rui Bhasma) which was given to all the shraddhavans at that time.
    I'd just like to share my first experience that I had about Bapu. I was sitting on the couch with my mom and masi and there was a telephone call for my masi at home. My masi was talking with someone on the phone and when she finished talking she came and sat with us. When she was sitting on the couch she started fainting and we could clearly see that she was getting a paralytic attack. My mom was shocked to see her in this condition and I was frightened, but then I remembered about my uncle telling me about our Sadguru (Bapu) and I could only remember about the 'Rui Bhasma' that we got from the temple at Juinagar. I immediately went to get it and applied some on the forehead of my masi and put some into her mouth. She fell unconscious after that and my father went to call the doctor. The doctor had arrived immediately within a while and even my masi  slowly started regaining her consciousness and she was perfectly fine by the time doctor started examining her. The doctor confirmed that she had this only out of stress but we all could actually see what she had gone through. And thankfully by Bapu's grace she hasn't had any health problems since then. Bapu had given us a clear proof of his grace even when we had not even started knowing very well. We should all be Ambadnya in true sense after having experienced this kind of a grace.
    The second instance that I could recall was when I was studying and doing my final year of Engineering. Now everyone can understand that the college days are memorable and full of struggle at the same time. I never failed in any of the subjects while I was completing my studies but when I had attempted 7th Semester which was during the last year of my studies I wasn't able to pass in one of the subjects. That was in the year December 1999 and that was the beginning of the time since we had started experiencing P.P. Bapu's grace. Only because of my Bapu's grace I was able to pass in that subject as I had applied for the re-evaluation again for that subject and then I was passed without having to attempt it again.
    The third instance I can never forget in my life as it's extremely threatening even when I still recall it today. This was somewhere in April 2007. That was Saturday morning between 11:00am to 12:00pm. I was driving down the road and was on my way to shopping Centre and also had my mom and daughter accompanying me and they were seated at the back of my car. I was about to turn right from the signal when my car collided with another car. For a moment I didn't understand anything at all as to what was happening. Then I realized that my car had completely crashed out and damaged from the front when it collided with another car. But we were alive and safe and my daughter and mom were still seated behind. And even the people seated inside the second car were alive and safe. Then few people gathered and someone told to park the car on the sideways of the road to prevent the traffic. The police arrived immediately for the interrogation and even my husband was there within half an hour. But because there were no injuries the police were able to complete their job quickly. Then I realized what a horrifying experience we had. The most invaluable thing we had inside the car was the photo of our Sadguru, Aai and Suchit Dada. When we came back home, my mom said that this could have so much worse than we could ever imagine. But to my surprise my Sadguru had proven it wrong again and showered his same grace on me and my beloved ones the third time. We all felt so much protective by his grace after having gone through this nightmare. All I can say is it's very hard to understand God but our Sadguru is trying to make it so simple for us by showing his presence and indicating that he's always with us and nothing can go bad at any time. We are truly Ambadnya and shall always be at your feet!!!!

Om ManaSamrthyadata Shree Aniruddhaya Namah!
Om Shree Alhadinyayi Sandhinanyayi Nandayayi Namo Namah!
Om Shree Suchit Dadaya Namo Namah!

Kavita Chakor (Perth)


  1. Very nicely interpreted the Guru-Shishya relation.One must definetly gravitate ourself to Guru and our saviour being Sai-Aniruddha,he definetly takes us under his wings and makes us reach safely to the shore.

  2. Indeed, we feel so so protected in Bapu's care at all times. I believe the Sadguru ceases and reduces our worldly worries, thus giving us a scope to focus on our spiritual development. Sadguru Shree Aniruddhasinh ki Jai! Love you Bapu.

  3. Very true written. As because of our Sad guru Bapu only we are on the right path.otherwise can not even imagine what will happen without Bapu. The meaning itself says that the Guru who shows us what is right and wrong.We are with him only because of his grace.As we are Ambadnya.