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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ramnavmi Utsav, Sydney Upasana Center

Ramorajmani Sadaa Vijayate
P.P Aniruddha Bapu in his discourses has always stressed the importance of Ram naam in our lives emphatically stating that every new beginning or accomplishment be accompanied with “Ram naam” on our lips.

We celebrate Ram Navami as the birthday of the Shree Ram on the ninth day of  first month of the Hindu calendar - Chaitra  and the preceding nine days as the Shubhankara Navratra. Celebrations are held at Shri Hari Guru Gram with much enthusiasm and devotion. Hence all Shraddhavans of Sydney Upasana Kendra collectively celebrated Ram Navami Utsav on 20th April 2013.
The venue for the event was the sparkling new residence of Mrs  Veenaveera  and Mr Nishikantsinh Bhalerao  and everyone was eagerly looking forward to the event.

The schedule for the day was as below:

·       Paduka Poojan

·       Ram janma and recitation of “PALANA”

·        Chanting of  Ramaya Ramabhadraaya Ramchandraaya Namaha (108 times)

·       Recitation of Ram Raksha ( 3 times)

·        Chanting of the Ghorakashth-oddharan Stotra (9 times)

·       Chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa (1 time)

·        Chanting of the Gurukshetram Mantra (5 times)
·       P.P Bapus Discourse on Ram Raksha
·        Parayan of the 11th Chapter from Shri Sai Satcharitra.(1 time)
·        MahaAarti
·        Satsang

 We commenced the proceedings with Bapu’s arrival in the form of His Chinmay Paaduka, welcoming him to the decorated Bhalerao dwelling

followed by Paaduka poojan as we can see here with great devotion and affection. 

 The poojan vidhi (ritual) also comprised recitation of Aniruddha Chalisa and Aarti.

This was followed by the much awaited event - the birth of Lord Ram- Ram Janma. It was definitely something which everyone was looking forward to especially the kids- little Vaanarsena.
It was an exciting occasion for them. One could see their curiosity and their innocent queries brought smiles to everyone.

There was a small cradle (Palana) literally handmade from items of household use which was the brainchild of Mrs Nilambariveera and Mr Dineshsinh Nagwekar and it was indeed quite innovative. Other Shradhhavaans contributed in decorating and providing finishing touches to the Grand Palana as is seen here

A small idol of Bal Krishna and a childhood photo of P.P Bapu ( our Aniruddha Ram ) was placed inside the cradle affectionately and the stage was set.
The Ram Janma was celebrated with enthusiasm and affection with all the ladies rocking it gently in the background of the melodious recitation of the hymn “Palana”. 

There was a joyous atmosphere in the house and one can only imagine how ecstatic people would have been in the actual era when Shree Ram was born.
This was followed by the continuous chanting of Om Shree Ramaaya Ramabhadraaya Ramchandraaya Namaha, Ram Raksha and  the Ghorakashth-oddharan Stotra followed by ‘Naivedya arpan’.  

 Shraddhavans continued with recital of Hanuman Chalisa and chanting of Shri Gurukshetra Mantra then had a short break for lunch.

The afternoon session began with the pathan of eleventh chapter of Sai Sat Charitra with voice of Param Poojya Suchitdada being played in the background. His deep baritone filled up the entire house with vigor and one could sense the immense vibrations in the power of the recitation of the chapter and importance of regular recitation.

We also listened to the one of the first discourses by P.P Bapu on Ram Raksha Stotra.

This was followed by Mahaarti during which continuous Aartis of Sadguru Bapu, Nandaaai, Suchit Dada were performed. After another short break for tea and snacks, Satsang commenced.
It was a fantastic session with Dineshsinh Nagwekar and Rajeshsinh Chavan rendered a medley of all choicest gazars of Shree Ram and P.P Bapu amidst a fervent chorus. 

Though after a long session, not even a single person was not even slightly tired as one would expect. Infact all looked invigorated with smiles and laughter all around making  it a memorable occasion.  All Sydney Shraddhavaan celebrated the birth of our dearest Lord Ram under the guidance and blessings of our beloved Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu with great devotion and fervor. The immense all pervasive grace of Chandikakul made the whole occasion memorable oozing tons of positive vibrations and all this was evident by the camaraderie amongst us. We all pray to Lord Ram to help us decimate the Raavan in our minds and life and certainly it is not possible without the Grace of Shree Raamvardaayini  Aadimata and we all are Ambadnya to her. Also, infinite Shree ram to everyone for the venue, decoration, naivedya, lunch and snacks arrangement and overall enthusiastic participation and may Lord Ram keep us bonded together.

 Sahastra naamtat tulyam RAAM NAAMvaraanane . 


  1. Lovely celebration Sydney!!

  2. Great efforts bhaktiveera...
    shree Ram for such a lovely post!