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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hanuman Pournima/ Chaitra Pournima


Shubhankara Navratri ends on this day.This day is filled with positivity and auspiciousness. 
  • On this day Shree Hanuman got his first darshan of Janaki Mata. 
  •  It was on this day Janaki Mata accepted him as his son and taath 
  • On this day Hanuman met Ravana and destroyed Lanka and the destruction of evil started.
  •  It was on this day Hanuman paid his obeisances and pranams to Sita Maiya and revealed his Bhavyaswaroop (colossal and enornous image standing in his full form).

On this day before confronting Ravan, Janaki Mata blessed Hanumanth with these blessings
Asht Siddhi Nav Niddhi Ke Datta As Var Deen Janaki Maata which means Hanumanji has been blessed with mother Janki to grant to any one any YOGIC power of eight Sidhis and Nava Nidhis as per choice. Ajar Amar Shudh Niddhi Suth Ho Hu. 

What more one can say about the Mahima (importance and Greatness ) of our great Hanumanth? Hanumanji is a dearly loved, adored and favorite God.

As soon as he was born he took a leap in the sky to swallow the sun (for protection) . The journey from Rameshwaram to Lanka was taken by Hanumanji in a single leap. He carried the whole Dronagiri mountain. He solely destroyed and burnt the entire Lanka.

The beauty of Ramayan is Hanuman, so the part of Ramayan which glorifies, venerates and praises Hanuman is called Sunderkand. Hanuman does the duty and task of connecting, and linking bhaktas to God. He was the one who gave guru updesh (discourse) to Vibhishan. With the darshan of Shri Ram, Hanumanji gets uddhar (reformation).To balance the effects of Sade Saathi the only way out is bhakti (pure devotion) of Shree Hanuman. 

Whoever does the following Upasana on Chaitra Poornima i.e.  Hanuman Poornima, the fears, worries and troubles of those devoottees will be wiped out and annihilated by Janaki Mata. This is the promise that was given by Janaki Mata.
The Upasana is as follows 
  • Hanuman Chalisa
  •  Bhim Roopi Maha Rudra(Maruti Stotra)
  •  Panchmukh Hanumanth Kavach
  •  Jap of Shri Ram Dutaya HanumantayMahapranaya Mahabalaya Namoh Namah
  •  Sunderkand Pattan
  •  Hanumanji’s bhajan or Hanumanji's Gun sankirtan 
Jai Shree Ram !

This day though often mistakenly referred to as Hanuman Jayanti, should be called Hanuman Pournima always, as advised by our beloved Nandaai.

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