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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ram Navami Celebration in Perth

Ram Navami is an auspicious occasion and this day is celebrated as a birthday of the Shree RamChandra who was born on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra to King Dashratha and mother Kaushalya. It's specially regarded as 'Ram Navami' because it's the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Chaitra, as per the Hindu calendar and also close to the beginning of New Year. This day is celebrated in Shri Hari Guru Gram with such an ardent fervor by all the shraddhavans/devotees of the entire Bapu Parivar and we celebrated it with the same energy and enthusiasm in Perth. We started this day by gathering together at the centre (around 11:00 am) with light refreshments accompanied by listening to the gajar CD. The Ram Janama was done by singing the 'Palana' song and moving the cradle at 12:00pm and everyone indeed experiencing immense joy and happiness. We then followed the same sequence as per the blog until evening. The following people participated in this event including both of us.
(Jigalveera, Vipulsinh) (Jyotiveera , Sureshsinh) (Sachinsinh, Belaveera) (Abhaysinh, Leenaveera)
The junior group included following people
(Riya, Sara, Tirtha, Aum, Charvi and Parth)
"Ramo Rajmani Sada Vijayte"


  1. Beautiful celebrations Kavitaveera.... Looks like you had a lovely time! Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate.

  2. Nice to see Perth Kendra celebrating Aniruddha Ram Navmi. Lovely decoration!! Shreeram!