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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Experience in Australia

During these last 11 years we have experienced numerous miracles of our Bapu. These incidences have only reaffirmed our faith in Him. We feel delighted to share couple of recent major experiences which we came across in Australia.

On 1 Nov 2006 we arrived at Melbourne from Singapore. As per the Contract my company provided me with a two week's leave and a temporary accommodation so that in those two weeks I could find a permanent rental place to stay. I was stressed and did not know what, where and how to find accommodation in this new place. Being in a new country it is not an easy job to find rental houses without any help. Nevertheless, I selected an area where I found many people from our subcontinent stay and started early in the morning to search for a rental house. I had my Bapu constantly in my mind as I was looking at different houses. In Melbourne there are many formalities that need to be satisfied with the real estate agents to inspect and shortlist the rental places. A week passed by and I had not a single home in my shortlist. The remaining five days were more crucial for me and my wife, Ranjanaveera. Then the next two days also went by without much luck. After reaching home and feeling hapless my wife and myself kept praying Bapu to help us out in this foreign land where we knew nobody. After the evening upasana of our Param Pujya Bapu my wife told me to pray and apply Udi to forehead without fail before leaving the house in the morning. Duh! I said to myself, how did I forget applying Udi so many days before leaving the house?

As told, the next morning I prayed 'Bapuraya now only you can get us a rental home' and applied Udi. I was looking for a two bedroom house and I told Bapu that I will devote one room specially for You as Your Upasana Centre in Melbourne. Like previous days I left and went to meet the real estate agent. He gave me a list of accommodation to look for. The first house that I came across that day had everything that we had in our mind and as a bonus was close to all the amenities one could ever think off. Moreover it had three bedrooms which I wasn't really looking for. When I enquired with the agent about the monthly rent I was shocked to hear that the rent of this house was less than that of a normal two bedroom house. I just shut my eyes and kept saying in my mind ' BAPU I CANT BELEIVE THIS BUT THANK YOU '.

In Melbourne, if you are super lucky then the minimum duration to be selected as a tenant by the agent and owner is three days. Now these three days are - a day for the agent to contact the owner and provide him with list of interested tenants, then a day for the owner to ring the references to know interested tenant's background / salary status and finally a day for owner to make his mind and advise the agent. After the inspection the agent told me to wait for half an hour so that he could speak to the owner. After half an hour I called the agent to know the status of my application and I could not believe my ears when the agent said the owner wants to give me the house on rent whilst there are people still inspecting the house and showing their interest at the same property. Being a new person in the town I neither had any reference nor past bank history but more importantly did I have my mauli Bapu's Udi with me on that day. I was spellbound by my Param Pujya Sadguru's boundless compassion. I can never forget this moment. Immediately thereafter signing the rental contract when I came out those interested tenants waiting outside asked me how did I get the house and I confidently showed my Bapu's photo on my Trivikram locket.

We had now one room specially referred to as Bapu's room wherein we did our weekly Upasanas and daily prayers. I also understood that Bapu had showered his grace upon me. I realized that if you make a sincere request to Bapu and if request is reasonable then Bapu will definitely answer to your request. The fact was just proved. So if you have faith in Bapu, in daily life, whenever you have day to day difficulties, he will definitely come to your rescue.


After two years of renting in that same house we were informed by our owner that he wanted to sell the house (he feared he would not get a better price in coming five years due to 2008 Global Financial Crisis) and so we were forced to moved out. We had two choices either to move into another rental house or to buy our own house. We thought buying was a better choice but again we found ourselves racing against time. As our daughter was growing up we were looking for a house which would be near to her school. Now that when we decided to buy, we had the same intentions of buying a three bedroom house, being one room specially for our Sadguru Bapu. Again we went through the roller coaster ride as we were in the period of getting our Permanent Residency and also buying a house. Those were really stressful days of our life. Our Permanent Residency was getting delayed due to some or the other reasons. And as per our initial plans we had planned to wait to get our Permanent Residency prior to buying a house but our Bapu had something else in store for us.

Since we had to act quickly we decided on one of the property which was near to school and the railway station as well. We signed the papers and got the keys. After signing the contract we had two months to move into our new house. We were not happy thinking that although we purchased a house in Australia we won't be having our parents or our close relatives for the house warming ceremony. It was again through Param Pujya Bapu and Param Pujya Suchitdada that we got an auspicious date to move into the new house. But persistent delay in getting Permanent Residency was also adding to grief. A month passed by and suddenly one day I got a call in my office that we have got the Permanent Residency. The situation had changed completely and I was shocked to believe my ears. On hearing this I became very happy and felt pleasantly relieved. OUR HEART WAS FULL OF GRATITUDE AND LOVE FOR BAPU. WE REALISED HOW BAPURAYA STANDS BEHIND HIS DEVOTEES AND ALWAYS WANTS THEM TO BE CHEERFUL AND HAPPY.
Later, when there were only two days to move into the new house, we were MORE SURPRISED WHEN WE OPENED A COURIER sent from Sydney by a Bapu bhakta, Ashishsinh Rane. Being Satchidanand Utsav in December we had received our Param Pujya Bapu's Padukas. WE WERE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO OUR BAPU AND THANKED HIM SINCERELY FROM THE DEPTHS OF OUR HEARTS. As advised by HIM, on 5 December 2008 we moved into our new home with all smiles and happiness along with our Bapu's Padukas. Before unpacking our things in the house, we had Paduka poojan done in our new house. What more could we wish for when Bapu himself came past seven seas to bless us and our new home and we walked into our new home along with our Sadguru Bapuraya. Now to just make a point here, all of above events cannot be just series of coincidences waiting to happen. I can confidently say that it was my Bapu who took care of all of above events to my advantage.



I would like to conclude saying


We are eternally indebted to Bapu, Nandaai and Suchitdada for protecting our family and for always being there for us even though we stay so far from India. DEAR BAPU, WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH US EVERYWHERE. WE FEEL SO BLESSED. PARAM POOJIYA BAPU, NANDAAI AND SUCHITDADA WE KNEEL BEFORE YOUR LOTUS FEET AND PROSTRATE HUMBLY WITH LOVE AND DEVOTION.


  1. Beautifully narrated.... I had tears in my eyes while I read this. Indeed when Bappa is there, there is no need to fear. He protects us, like a mother protects her children, He keeps us safe from the world and its worries, by gentling placing us, as if on His own eyelashes.

  2. This is one of our those Anubhav which is specially close to our heart and we shall be ever AMBADNYA.It is a heavenly feeling to get in touch with the fact that our Bapu is moving around us in the Sagun form. YOU AND I FIRM TOGETHER NOTHING CAN STAND IN THE WAY EVER!!!

  3. Amazing experience ... Staying in overseas is not as easy but because we have our dear Sadguru along with us, he takes care of every situation ....And with Bapu's grace today we have Melbourne as one of our major Upasna centre in Australia ...

  4. Amazing experience ... Staying in overseas is not as easy but because we have our dear Sadguru along with us, he takes care of every situation ....And with Bapu's grace today we have Melbourne as one of our major Upasna centre in Australia ...