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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gurucharan Maas

VATPOURNIMA to GURUPOURNIMA is the period when every SHRADDHAAVAAN must chant SHREE HANUMANCHALSIA 108 times atleast once. This chanting has to be completed in one day. One may chant it 27 (4 sets) or 36 (3 sets) or 54(2 sets) or 108 times continuously. It is best done at the Brahmamuhurta, but can be done at any time of the day, but needs to be completed before 12 pm midnight.
Here is an article about the significance of this event, written by Bapu in Kripasindhu.

On 20th June 2013, during the Thursday pravachan, Bapu stressed on the importance of this month, as well as the chanting in its right form. The pravachan excerpts in Marathi can be read on the Manasamrthadata website.

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