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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gurupornima Utsav - Sydney-2013


The Full moon day (Pournima) of the month of Aashaad is widely renowned as Guru Pournima all over India. It is an occasion to maximally receive the unconditional love of our Sadguru. The Sydney Upasana Kendra celebrated Gurupournima on 27th July 2013 with much fervor and devotion.

Mr Dineshsinh Nagwekar was kind enough for his residence “ Aniruddha” to be used for the occasion and the program was meticulously planned in conjunction with useful guidance from Mr Vaibhavsinh Karnik from Mumbai.

The schedule for the day was as below:

·       Padukaa Poojan of Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu’s Chinmay Padukaa.

Gurupournima program as circulated by the CCC which comprised of
  • Recitation of Aniruddha Kawach  once.
  • Chanting of the Sadguru taarak mantra (108 times)
  • Chanting of the Shri Gurukshetram Mantra (24 times)
  •  Chanting of the Aniruddha Chalisa and Aniruddha Paath  once each.
  •   MahaAarti
  •   Satsang

The afternoon and evening session comprised of Gunasankirtan, Information on the various activities initiated by Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu and Anubhav kathan.

 Shraddhavaans had gathered at the venue on the previous evening for decoration and arranging the lights. A beautiful vibrant rangoli depicting Tripurari Trivikram chinha was imprinted at the doorstep. It was a delight for the eyes as one walked in.

 Some Shradhhavaans contributed by decorating, making garlands and naivedya.

The morning session commenced with Paduka poojan which was carried out by Vinayaveera and  Vineetsinh Pasarnikar ably guided by Mahendrasinh Londhe in the process. 

We had a few new Shraddhavans attending the event and it definitely seemed to be a novelty for them as was evident from their curious looks.

During the paduka Poojan , Aniruddha chalisa was sung five times as required to complete the poojan. All Shradhhavans sung the hymn fervently for their beloved Sadguru and the intensity of the positive vibrations was experienced by all. 
This was followed by aarti and Naivedya. 

After a break for lunch, the next session of chanting commenced where Aniruddha Kavach, Aniruddha Chalisa and Aniruddha Paath was recited along with chanting of Shri Gurukshetra Mantra and  Sadguru Taarak mantra. 

The chanting concluded with Maaharti and a sanctified Satsang led by Rajeshsinh Chavan and ably supported by others.

 The next session was organized with a view to inform more  people about our Bapu and disseminate His teachings and our experiences.
 First up was an incredible Keertan by Rajeshsinh Chavan in which he stressed the need for a sadguru in our lives. He spoke fluently with a famous Marathi hymn Omkaar Swaroopa Sadguru Samartha as a background citing perfect examples in vintage Keertan style. The entire audience was enthralled and seemed to have enjoyed it.

This was followed by a gunsasankirtan of our Bapu carried out by Vinayaveera Pasarnikar in which she informed all the newer attendees about who He is and what He has done till now. Similarly information on Ramnaam bank and all the books and granthas written by Bapu was given and the books were kept on display for the new Shraddhavan.

This was followed by   anubhav kathan where shraddhavans narrated experiences of instances in their life where they felt that Bapu’s Grace solved their problems. Dineshsinh Nagwekar recollected how he found an important file associated with his house misplaced 7 years ago without which it was not possible to sell it. Nishikantsinh Bhalerao narrated an extraordinary experience of his brother who felt Bapu cured him of his chronic back ache in his dream. Similarly Sapnaveera Londhe narrated a touching experience in which she dreamt that her father who was in india suffering from an ailment was cured by Bapu . This was later confirmed next morning when he told her that his pain is now cured. Dr Atulsinh Prabhu described the unbelievable changes he witnessed in patients whilst working at the Vyasan mukti “ deaddiction centre run by our sanstha .While others were personal experiences on one hand Dr Atulsinh narrated  how he witnessed Bapu’s Grace experienced by many people in a group.  Vineetsinh Pasarnikar narrated his experience of an unexpected new job and promotion at a time when all other prospects seemed bleak.
We concluded the days program with recitation of Shree Ram Raksha and everyone was certainly showered with lots of blessings from our beloved sadguru mauli, who is our Only true Friend. Words fall short in expressing  our gratitude, certainly Guruchi Krupa hi 

Guru Pournima as is rightly penned by Yogindrasinh Joshi.  Amhi Ambadnya ahot Bapu!!!

 (This post is written by Dr. Atulsinh Prabhu.)

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  1. Hari Om! Everything about this post is amazing. Firstly the celebrations are breathtaking... what a beautiful Rangoli... wow!! And what a well planned and wonderful celebration. Excellent narration of the events with photographs and video. Ambadnya. I enjoyed reading this.