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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sai Satcharit Parayan Saptah - Shravan 2013

Our beloved Bapu teaches us how to reach a spiritual pinnacle, while leading our family life, and performing all our worldly duties with true sincerity. It is Bapu who has brought alive in our lives, many rituals, that we have either been performing or have seen people observe without awareness of its significance or understanding of its true meaning . He tells us what really matters and why. He makes it easy for a common person to achieve, what took saints and ascetics severe penance. Bapu's love for us is immeasurable, and hence we can never understand why He showers the most precious jewels on us. We can only hope to assimilate a small portion of it. One of the simplest ways to progress in our spiritual journey as adviced by Bappa, is parayan of pavitra grantha (study of holy books). The Sai Satcharit, is a book very close to the heart of every Bapu bhakt, and Bapu Himself stresses what a treasure trove of spiritual guidance the granth is.

This holy month of Shravan as a small part of our attempts in following Bapu's guidance, the Bapu Parivaar in Australia decided to do a samuhik parayan(collective study) of the Sai Satcharit. Across 6 major cities of Australia, we did a Satcharit Saptah. Starting from Perth and following through with Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, the parayan flowed through from coast to coast across the country-continent of Australia. It is Bapu's kripa alone, which allowed the parayan to run smoothly and complete its course properly. Since each day many shraddhavans had to read the adhyays allocated to them, the coordination was a matter of concern, but Bapu ensured that it all fell into place perfectly. And it is only by His tremendous grace and blessings that we completed the Saptah. It began on Thursday, the 15th of August 2013, and the uddyapan  was done on 22nd of August, the following Thursday. The udyapan  was performed by all who took part in the parayan.

The uddyapan done by all of us

We are all Ambadnya that Bapu, that He enabled us to perform this parayan in this auspicious month of shravan.

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