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Monday, March 18, 2013

Australia Parivaar - Bapu's Grace and Reach Down Under

Hari Om!

In the Sai Satcharit, its said,

 Jis jis path pe bhakt Sai ka, 
Vahin khada hai Sai.

And the very same holds true for our beloved Bapu. Even though Australia lies thousands of kilometres from Mumbai, Bapu's love and grace for His children in Australia shines bright and clear every moment.

This post is to share with everyone, some facts about the journey of the Bapu Parivaar in Australia, leading upto its current state.

In Australia we have three active Upasana Kendras, two in the East Coast, namely Sydney and Melbourne and one in the West Coast in Perth. The location and contact details of all three are alphabetically listed on the upper right hand corner of this blog. The Sydney and Melbourne Kendras were declared as official kendras by Bapu in the adhiveshan of 2012. It was a moment of great joy and pride for the entire Aniruddha Australia parivaar.

In 1992 Dineshsinh Nagwekar came to the Australian shores, and his wife, Nilambariveera Nagwekar arrived three years later in 1995. In 1997 they were brought into Bapu's fold, and thus they are the oldest residing Bapu bhakts in Australia. They live in Sydney, and it is in their residence that the Sydney Upasana Kendra currently operates. With a strength of 15-17 families, it is the largest Upasana centre in Australia currently. It was started in the year 2004 by Ashishsinh Rane. The weekly upasana is conducted with great fervour every Saturday here. Ram Navami, Guru Pournima, Aniruddha Pournima and Shree Mangal Chandika Prapatti are some of the utsavs celebrated by the members each year, besides Paduka Pujans at the residences of various bhakts at different times.

The Melbourne Upasana Kendra operated from the residence of Naveensinh and Ranjanaveera Nayak. Before moving to Australia in 2006, they visited Samirdada, seeking the Melbourne Kendra details. Samirdada told them, there wasn't one in Melbourne then, and  suggested they set up the kendra in Melbourne. Feeling blessed at being given the opportunity, following Samirdada's guidance, the Nayaks started the kendra on the auspicious day of Datta Jayanti on 4th Dec 2006. Though it began with just Naveensinh and Ranjanaveera, there are 11 shraddhavans in Melbourne today. Melbourne officially received Bapu's Padukas in february 2011. Initially the upasana was done in Marathi, every Saturday evening, following the guidance of Samirdada, the English Upasana began in march 2012, which is followed by intense gajar and watching CDs of Bapu's pravachans,every Saturday at 5pm . The New Year Jap, Mangal Chandika prapatti, Dada's birthday, Shubhankara Navratra, Ram Navami, Guru Pournima, Ashubhnashini Navratra, Paduka Punarmilap, Aniruddha Pournima, Sachhidanand Paduka Pujan and Datta Jayanti are celebrated with gusto each year.

The Perth Upasana Kendra which started up in 2011, had been working as a group in 2006. It currently hosts 8 shraddhavans loacted in Perth. There are more details of this Kendra which has been posted earlier on this blog by Shahsisinh and Kavitaveera Chakor. The Perth Kendra is still in its nascent stages, but is gaining momentum and strength with each passing day by Bapu's grace. They celebrate the annual events like Paduka Pujans, Mangal Chandika Praptti, Aniruddha Pournima and more.


  1. That's a very perfect comprehensive update about all the Upasna Kendras so far in Australia :) Well done Srijaneeveera...

    1. Ambadnya! Its a joint effort, all the Upasana Kendras helped out beautifully with the information, I just put it together, almost a copy paste job if I may say so.

  2. Cool to see this Blog. Aptly captured Srijaniveera! Keep posting.


    Sandeepsinh Mahajan

  3. Well done Srijaniveera and Shashiveera, now all oz Upasna Kendras gather together. New shraddhavans also can get more information about our PP. Bapu, keep it up.

    1. Ambadnya Dileshsinh! Its all Bapu's doing and its a combined effort by all of us, every bit counts, and all the information you and Nilambariveera gave us, was so helpful and pertinent to the Aniruddha Australia Parivaar. Shree Ram.

  4. It is really thrilling to see this Austalia Bapu Parivaar.Truly AMBADNYA!!!!
    Many Shreeram to Srijaniveera and Shashiveera to actually transpire the provided information into an amazing blog!