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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Dada, With Love, Brisbane Kendra.

 Ambadnya Bapuraya!
Tere Charnon mein hi hai hamare sab sukh.

We bhakts(devotees) are a greedy lot. Birthdays are meant of presents for the one whose birthday it is, but we keep asking our Sadguru for more and more for ourselves on such occasions.

Dearest Dada, on the wonderful occasion of your birthday, we have with great hope and excitement started up the Brisbane Upasana Kendra. Forever be our guide and help us follow the right path and achieve greater devotion and dedication through the activities that you inspire in our kendra. We wish you a very very Happy Birthday.

Those are the only emotions running high in our hearts and minds on this auspicious day of our dearest Dada's birthday. It is only Bapu's immense, love, grace and unconditional efforts for our betterment, that have led to the joyous occasion of the opening of the Brisbane Upasna Kendra today, the 24th of March 2013. Marked by the beautiful occasion of Dada's birthday, it has been double the joy.

It is amazing how soon the entire thing materialised from being an idea to becoming a reality. Less than a week. And what joy it has brought to us all. Though we have begun small, we are high on enthusiasm and excitement. We had our first Upasana as a kendra today, and also the first celebration of the Kendra, as we  celebrated Dada's birthday.

The upasana itself was a beautiful experience.

Upasana Ongoing

The completion of the upasana, which was conducted in English, was followed by Dada's Aarti, and cutting a cake specially made for the occasion of His birthday. It was celebrations galore.

 Jointly cutting the cake, on Dada's behalf.
The Cake.

The Brisbane Upasana Kendra is now officially open, and welcomes all Bapu bhakts to join us whenever they are come to Brisbane. I leave you with a photo from today, that encompasses all that we did today. Ambadnya Aai, Bapu and Dada, for helping us, to start up this kendra.

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday! May your hands be raised with blessings for all us bhaktas always. We love you.

Hari Om!


  1. Wow!! Way to go....Its actually exciting to see Bapu Kendras radiating with gleam all over Australia. Also a stupendous day to start with our Dada's Bday..
    Hearty Congrats from all Shraddhavans here!

  2. Many many many congratulations to all the Brisbane Bhaktas!!Very well started and a remarkable beginning and I hope it continues to stay like that...Its wonderful to see such kind of excitement and joy in the hearts of all the Bapu lovers from OZ :)

  3. Wow ! Really its so nice to c the snaps and read the article.So expressive.Its felt and seen that every proper way of expression for to express the events joy is felt is heard is excepted by our P.P.Bapu parivar which builds a strong brick wall in our mind,and yes WE R ONE BAPU FAMILY. Hearty Ambadnya BAPU AAI DADA.