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Post an amazing Ashwin navratri, celebrated with jagarans and pathans, we are now gearing up for celebrating Deepavali with great gusto.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Perth Upasna Kendra

Perth Upasna Kendra

Bapu's unconditional love and grace has indeed inspired all the shraddhavans in Perth in making this Saturday Upasna done
on a regular basis every Saturday (7:00pm). Bapu has won the hearts of so many people and influenced them in proper
direction and I was fortunate to be one of them. When I came here in Perth in May 2004, I was disappointed to not find any Bapu
followers here and also missed my Bapu and his discoureses (which happened every Thursday). The moment when Bapu put his
hands up to bless all his children after the Saibaba's Aarti was over (every Thursday) was the most happiest moment of my
life. I could feel the nectar of his loving and kind glimpse on all his children and I was just living in that moment. I
had taken all the photos and books along with me and also felt his presence in my he heart but something was still missing.
When I travelled back to India I gave my contact details to some of the Shraddhavans in-charge of helping devotees who
stayed far away and came in contact with Ashishsinh Rane from Sydney. He used to co-ordinate for all the daily
activities/happenings about 'Aniruddha Upasna Trust'. We continued doing Upasna regularly and also telling people about the
Bapu and activities/projects/goals of 'Aniruddha Upasna Trust'. We were fortunate enough to talk with Poojya Samir Dada and
he gave a good guidance on what exactly we need to be doing to help others to experience this. Our happiness knew no bounds. My firm belief is that you will definitely get rewarded by
your Sadguru if your Bhakti/Devotion towards your Sadguru is pure and true. Let us all cherish this nectar which is sweet
indeed due to the divine presence of P.P. Bapu, our beloved Nandai and loving Suchit Dada in our lives!!!!


  1. Shree Ram for sharing your beautiful emotions here Kavitaveera. We are Ambadnya indeed.

  2. Really Divine, we must only and only trust our Sadguru because whatever he is doing it's only for our benefit, which might not be visible at the moment but in future it will surely give the answer of all our question to him in past.

  3. Well said Kavitaveera!!!
    Truly Sadguru Bapu's discourses are pots full of nectar which are distributed freely and in ample quanity equally to all.We can find solutions to any and all of our problems and sufferings by simply doing his Bhakti and following the path of collective Upasana.

  4. Shree Ram Ranjanaveera for such beautiful comments!! Great feedback and indeed it's a joint effort...every bit counts..

  5. Sir, I want to contact you people as a bapubhakta. I am a retired person. My son is msc electronics mumbai and msc environmental Sci UK. He is in search of job and ready to go abroad as he is having 3 years experience in the same field.can you guide him ?

    1. Please contact and

    2. Please contact and

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